Eardley Norton Verge Bracket Clock.

Verge Bracket Clock. A stunning example of an English bracket clock by the eminent maker Eardley Norton of London. Dating from the third quarter of the 18th. Century, this clock is in wonderfully original condition, with its Chinoiserie decorated casework and original verge type escapement. Not capable of very good timekeeping, by the early 1800s the verge escapement had been largely superseded by the anchor type. A great number of these earlier clocks were converted to anchor escapements during the 19th. Century, making this example a rarer survivor. Untouched for years, the movement was in need of repairs to the verge and crownwheel, and to several worn pivots and holes. After being thoroughly cleaned and polished, the movement was re-housed in it's casework, which had been very delicately cleaned to remove dirt and 'bloom' without destroying any of the lacquer or patina. A good proportion of the value of this clock is in it's originality. The photos show the clock during repair and conservation.















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