The Clock Workshop.

In the comprehensively equipped clock workshop, we are able to undertake a wide range of specialist tasks including:


  • The servicing of mechanical clock movements.
  • Repairs to damaged clock movements (see below).
  • The complete restoration of clock movements.
  • Manufacture of replacement component parts including wheel and pinion cutting*.
  • Specialist ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Restoration of silvered and brass dials.
  • Cleaning, polishing and lacquering of brass cases and fittings.
  • Specialist conservation work.
  • Repairs to clock glasses (only as part of service / repair procedures).
  • Insurance repairs for flood, fire and accident.
  • Replacement of metal fittings and mounts.



 *Wheel and pinion cutting is undertaken only as a part of our own workshop repair procedures. We do not offer wheel and pinion cutting separately to order.


Please also note that we DO NOT repair any battery powered or electric clocks.

We DO NOT repair wrist or pocket watches.

We DO NOT buy or sell clocks.

We DO NOT undertake part jobs or minor repairs on clocks (unless the clock has been overhauled by us within the past 18 months). 

Please take the time to read the FAQs page for further details.


November 2019 LATEST

All clocks entering the workshop for servicing, repair and restoration will be logged into a strict queuing system. Due to the high demand for our services, the turnaround time is (currently) ten to twelve weeks. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated. Please consider that this kind of exacting and delicate work cannot be hurried!

You should, perhaps, be wary of the 'craftsman' who promises to repair and return your valued timepiece to you within "a couple of weeks".







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